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francisco. also, concerns about a popular energy drink and the investigation into whether it's connected into more than a dozen deaths. >> these newly released numbers reveal who is most likely to be poor in america, with age, and ethnicity as most likely to be struggling. reless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >>> new at 10:00, a report out says california is number 1 when it comes to residents living in poverty. one woman's struggle just to have the bare necessities. >> reporter: friend, second harvest food bank opened this second location just because of the need. and according to this new report today, the number of needy has gone up. >> inside this two bedroom home. >> once we turn it up, the bill
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're kind of trying to play "catch the knife" if you will. there has been a lot of energy to the downside. it started wednesday. we saw a continuation of that yesterday. basically closed 'em out on the lows. everything across the board literally looks weak right now. the one thing that's been just kind of crazy and doesn't really fit in with all of this is that the dollar has been sideways, right around 81 even, and that the volatility index is still holding right around this 18, 19 level. everybody's talking about it. nobody knows why. but again, certainly worth taking note of. > > we will talk about that later in the show. gas is another situation. can you say that gas prices will remain low until the end of the year? > > it sure seems to be. again, we just saw that rejection off the crude $100 level. it seems like the national average in that mid-$3 range right now, certainly coming off from what was a scare. it was just a few months ago we were all concerned that we were going to see $4.50, $5 a gallon. but it seems to be, again, coming into the holiday session, this crude right now c
more powerful chip that uses less energy. the new chip offers twice the power but uses 8% less energy while in use. intel says the chip is more reliable. the new product release didn't seem to help their stock. shares actually slipped today to close just under $21 per share. >> the santa clara district attorney's office is warning people to beware of superstorm sannie relief scams. the solicitor will pressure the donor for a cash donation and won't explain exactly how that money will be used. they claim they're working for well known charities. >>> the white house announced the president will travel to new york next thursday to tour damaged areas on the east coast. the president is scheduled to meet with affected families, local officials and first responders. >> a little bit of everything. record heat, hail, rain, win, now it's cold weather. cold overnight lows. even the daytime highs. we still have some showers out there. these working their way down along the peninsula on the west side. working their way towards davenport. the showers are limited. that's all we have. no chains requ
, tea or energy drinks. research shows caffeine helps the brain recognize positive words. the people drank coffee 30 minutes before performing a task. that boosted their recognition of positive words. they believe caffeine has a strong effect of dopamine. >>> the election is now settled. the next major order of positive, prevent a economic train wreck. >> when i come back, the latest computer model, when the rain begins tomorrow. go to >>> republicans in had house and president obama will have -- in the house and president obama will have to work quickly to reach an agreement on the tax code. speaker of the house john boehner discussed the issue. gop leaders made it clear they will not support an increase in the tax rate for any american, including top earners. >> we are willing to accept new revenue under the right conditions. what matters is where the increase comes from and what type of reform comes with it. >> budget for the pentagon and other programs will be slashed next year. republicans and democrats said they will try to avoid that at all costs. we fo
, they are coming in energy packets. here is an energy packet. impulses slide through. that is how today was. as we go through the next 24 hours, expect what we have been seeing. keep a jacket handy, umbrella handy. 3:00 a.m. and then in the early morning hours, things dry out. but more scattered showers. story will be scattered showers, maybe a thunderstorm. friday morning, saturday morning, the over night lows, it is going to be close. i will see you back here in a little bit. >>> fire department is putting new ipads in all of the fire trucks. the special software they have and how it would have helped during the pg&e pipeline explosion. >> what you will be able to purchase from this new online site. >>> firefighters are going high tech. as of today all of their fire engines are equipped with nigh ipads. -- with new ipads. they are mounted inside the cabs of the fire trucks. they can give them incident access to key information about an instant. including mapping and building information. the chief says it lets him track resources and assess the damage from a fire or other disaster. >> it can't b
toward a clean energy economy and environmentalists appraising it is a model for the world. >>> the recent wet weather system that rolled through the bay area brought lots of snow to the bay area. we want to show you what it looked like on friday in nayac. at high elevations more than 2 feet of snow fell. it was the first sizable snowfall of the season. and as you see here from these pictures boy it costs several spin outs and traffic back ups for drivers heading to the mountains. >>> it's not even thanksgiving yet and people are already skiing at lake tahoe. we want to show you what's going on out here. this is a picture taken at boreal ski resort. they did have the snow machine going on out there. more and more ski resorts are set to open this month. north star is set to open in a week. and we move on and see that kirk wood is set to open on november 21st that's the week of thanksgiving. >>> officials are investigating a fire at a fremont school. the key piece of evidence that has investigators calling this blaze suspicious. >> more on the petraeus scandal. the investigat
that we cloud it up and it does look good on monday. >> thank steve. >>> concerns about a popular energy drink, it could be linked to more than a dozen deaths. >>> and air force recruits following allegations of sexual assaults. >>> good morning it looks good if you are driving on the sunole grade, we will tell you more about the commute and bay area weather. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪ ♪ in everything you do [ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal. it's one box with hundreds of possibilities. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. . >>> happening right here on the steps of the capital building and u.s. congress is gathering for their class photo, more than 80 members of congress and they are learning about ethics about budgets, about staffing, where they are going to live and these are pictures from the live steps of
but not a lot was expected. >>> we have some questions and concerns about a popular energy drink which could be connected to more than a dozen deaths. >>> the new deal in the works, the outside land festival is bringing in some extra benefits for the city. . >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. the food and drug administration has 13 reports of death which could be thrown a caffeinated -- linked to a caffeinated energy drink. investigators say there is no evidence but in each case it is cited for possible involvement and they continue to investigate. they say the drink is safe when used as directed. >>> hostess said all of their workers will be out of a job if workers do not return to work today. they could file for liquidation tomorrow and if they approve, they could should down as early as tuesday. they have been trying to reorganize their finances but they walked out after pay and benefit cuts. >>> they could have huge benefits for the city and under the proposed contract, it could be extended for 8 more years. it would also allow up to 10,000 more people to be part of the
, livermore, san jose, not much going on. it breaks. break in here in the afternoon. more energy swings in friday morning. it is an air mass thing, scattered showers. thursday and friday, unsettled weather. you will need jackets. umbrella at times and sunshine as well. there is a snow advisory in the mountains. that will stay in effect through tomorrow night. looking for snow levels in the mountains down to 3,000 feet. and could see a foot of snow in the higher elevations or lower elevations. feels like winter. went from really warm to what is up with this. >> over night. thank you. >>> this year's christmas tree arrived in sacramento today. they transported the 50-foot from redding. crews will spend days trimming the tree and decorating it and 12,000 l.e.d. lights. >>> coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, in the end eit was less suspenseful than some predicted -- it was less suspenceful than some predicted. -- suspenseful than some predicted. and the voter approved measure that has them steamed, join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >>> in three
is promising a thorough review of why the power company's response to the energy seemed so slow. >> they will be held accountable for past performance and then we also have to get smart about this and we have to make sure we're prepared for when this happens again. because i believe this will happen again. >> president obama is scheduled to tour the new york city area on thursday and will be briefed on the rebuilding effort. >>> volunteers in contra costa county went to work tonight preparing some much needed supplies to send the people back east who are in those storm damaged areas. heather holmes is live where boxes of donated goods will soon be shipped out. >> reporter: frank for more than five hours tonight this baseball shed was bustling an assembly line of volunteers hoping to solve the big problem thousands of miles away. take a look this is the result. 97 boxes of everything from sleeping bags to two way radios sealed and ready to go. >> this is great. fantastic. >> reporter: from gold weather clothes,. >> we have some diapers and wipes. >> to baby items. >> reporter: to
a clean energy economy. >>> the chp wants to know if you are too sleep foy drive. better keep our eyes open. because the chp is launching a week-long crackdown on croucy driving. the chp says drowsy driving is about as dangerous as driving drunk. >>> coming up on 7:24. hoping everyone is wide awake behind the wheel. how are things going in downtown san jose? >> okay. we've been looking at one of the slowest commutes on a regular monday. i want to show you 280, northbound right to downtown on the right. you can see traffic is just fine. just a lot of schools today are observing veterans day, even though veterans day was yesterday. but right now, it's having an effect on the commute. looking at the east bay, southbound 880, southbound 8 0 they are clearing a crash -- 880 they are clearing a crash. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >>> a lot of 30s. let's get used to that. the afternoon highs will come up a little bit. at least through wednesday or thursday and then we'll see have to if we get clouds in here. really not going to do much, cold mornings. high clouds. but all in all a gr
. >>> a warning about a very popular energy drink. the concerns that it could be linked to more than a dozen deaths. >> police are trying to catch an arsonist, we'll tell you about the latest fires police believe he set just last night. >> parents in san jose have a lot of questions about why a registered sex offender was allowed at their children's school. we'll tell you why he was not arrested, and we'll have more on the sheriff's department investigation. >>> passengers report being stuck at airports or runways some people say they've been waiting for up to two hours this morning. for the flights to take off. united blames a computer out damage. this is video from news chopper 2 taken of sfo. you can see united planes parked at the terminal this is at least the third major computer outage for united since june. and it happens with continental. the passengers are being told by pilots and airport agents that the computers are down and they don't know when the system will returned. of course, this does not bode well for the airlines. it's a week from thanksgiving, and that's when holiday tra
be tracking a few sprinkles primarily from the north. it looks like the bulk of the energy is up to the north. for the niners game, temperatures in the upper 50s. so after that cold start tomorrow morning these numbers will be in the upper 50s to right around 60 degrees. san josi 60. santmeta, 59 santmateo, 59. another cold morning, probably not as chilly as tomorrow morning and then we thicken up the high clouds. there is a slight chance of showers on wednesday and then make a chance of showers on thursday. tomorrow for veteran's day, temperatures on the coal side first thing tomorrow morning. by the way, the projected low in truckee tomorrow morning, 1 below. >> wow, that is cold. don't feel so bad here. >>> unique arts and crafts were the draw for shoppers aharvest festival in san mateo. organizers say thousands of unique items are for sale, range from jewelry to wooden toys. all of the items are made by hand by artisans. >> they send the entire spring creating them at their workshops. you can buy them at harvest festival or go o-loan and find their art. event continues tomorrow in san m
will account for pollutions but they can sell them. they will help drive california towards a clean energy campaign. >>> and they are cracking down on drivers who are sleepy behind the wheel. it is almost as dangerous as driving drunk and after 17 hours of driving, it is as dangerous as those who have a .7 alcohol level. drowsy driving deaths were very high in 2010. >> i get on the road at 3:00 a.m., i am drowsy, i'm sorry. >> i am going to have a cup of coffee, let's take a look at what we have, traffic is moving along pretty well and as we have been mentioning, northbound 280, getting to highway 17 looks good, we may have some schools out today. southbound 608 to sunole -- 680 looks good as you get to the bottom of the hill. >>> 43 in ocean beach, for some it is not bad and for others it is cold out there. overall it will be mostly sunny partly sunny to the north, mainly 60s, pam. >> all right, steve, coupling up next, -- coming up next, the bay area connection which was once at the supreme court. >>> coming up why the president thinks he should support higher taxes. >>> and they are pu
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